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Dining table by Ross Littell for ICF De Padova in Stainless grey , 1970s


Designed by Ross Littell for ICF De Padova in 1970s, this Model “”Luar”” table perfectly matches aesthetics and function. With its sleek design and peculiar metallic check top, this item will add elegance with a creative twist. The table top is made of stainless steel tiles, brushed finish of beautiful workmanship. The individual steel tiles vary both in angle and depth of their brushed finish, with the result of a surprising play of reflection and refraction of light that creates a beautiful “”glittering”” optical effect.


Designer: Ross Littell
Manufacturer: ICF De Padova
Condition: good
Date of manufacture: circa 1970
Dimensions: H 72 cm | W 190 cm| D 99 cm