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 Stackable Beds from Casa del Sole Apartments in Cervinia by Carlo Mollino, 1953


The importance of Mollino and his work is beyond the simple aesthetics of the beds designed for the “Casa del Sole”. Casa del Sole was a visionary project, a jump into the future with the vision of people that would have loved to go to the top of a marvelous mountain to spend time, relax and ski… in the 1950s, when tourism barely existed. The whole furniture’s of the apartments were created by Mollino and he applied, as in each project he decided to work for, his genius both technical and aesthetical. The different types of wood create a chromatic alternation that starts from the external structure to the internal one, the small brass grafts and supports at the foot of the two beds demonstrate the professionalism of a methodical and artistic work of extraordinary stature. The slats of the bed themselves speak through the colors and grain of the wood.


Designer: Carlo Mollino
Condition: good
Date of manufacture: circa 1970
Dimensions: H 200 cm | W 118 cm | D 197 cm